What’s a Chuppah?


Jewish weddings traditionally involve a chuppah, which covers the couple during the ceremony. This canopy symbolizes the home the couple will build. It’s important to note that all chuppahs have open sides, to represent how Sarah and Abraham welcomed their friends and family into their open-air tented home.


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If portable, the chuppah can play a part in the processional. Groomsmen or close family members may carry it down the aisle and hold it up during the ceremony. Alternatively, you may choose to place the poles in containers of sand to stand the poles in. These containers can be decorative or hidden by a floral arrangement.

Another integral use of the chuppah happens during the ceremony when the bride circles the groom seven times. This represents how the world was created in seven days and figuratively illustrates the building of the couples home. Sometimes the bride and groom both walk around each other, but this will be determined by your rabbi.

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